3x Broshuis SL-Trailers for HLS Almelo (NL)

Heavy Load Service (HLS) from Almelo took delivery of 3 more new Broshuis SL-trailers last week. HLS is one of the industry leaders is specialist transport and in particular within in the windmill sector.The new SL-Trailers with the independent suspension were ordered after a year of experience with their 6 axle SL-Trailer.

6 axle SL Step frame

From now in our fleet, the new 6 axle SL Step frame from Broshuis.
Driving height 82 cm and loading capacity of 70 tons

4 and 5 axle extendible forced steering semi

4 axle Multijumbo up to 450 cm width and up to 356cm under sheet

4 axle semi 76cm driving height

3 axle extendible semi

Double extendible forced steered 5 axles semi