Heavy Load Service (HLS) started in September 2007 by a group of enthusiastic people with many years experience in Abnormal Loads. It started with 5 combinations that are now already 12. By carefully analyzing the market a very balanced fleet was composed. Novelties include 2 multi-jumbo trailers. They are widening up to 4.5 m and 3.58 m increase availability under the roof. These trailers are ideal for transporting large, high and heavy machinery, generators, transformers etc. By removing floor parts and using of ramps, Wheel loaders and other mobile material up to an height of 380 cm can be loaded.

This way of transport is perfect for clean and safe deliver of machines at fairs and of course at customers.
Furthermore, we have open Broshuis 4, 5 and 6 axle Step frame trailers. This type of trailer (single and double extendible) are the ideal solution for heavy (up to 70 tons) and height (up to 365 cm) loads in which the ''normal'' semi low loader is shortcomings. There is a loading floor of 85 cm available which can extend up to 27,32 meters behind the goose neck. Also we have some 2 axle low bed trailers with a height of 30 cm up to 36 cm which are double extendible to over 16 m and with extra beams up to 19,9 mtr in the "bed".

Our tractor units are all equipped with EUR 5 and EUR 6 engines to meet the strictest environmental standards.